Candidates demonstrate a basic vocabulary of movement in  the chosen discipline. An understanding of the   technique is reflected in the ability to co-ordinate very  simple movements within the range of their own physical capability.
Ballet Tit-Ballet Tots(Baby Ballet)

Students will develop the sense of the body awareness both working in staionary postitions and when moving throiugh space.

Candidates demonstrate consolidated technical skills and a wider range of movements in sequences of increased length and complexity. They show a clear understanding of the mechanics and purpose of the required vocabulary. Candidates show the ability to sustain an appropriate sense of style throughout more complex sequences and a greater sensitivity to varying musical qualities. Technical facility and improved spatial awareness lead to an increased assurance of presentation.

Candidates at this level have a vast knowledge of classical ballet vocabulary and will have passed the above grades.  Refining technique continues to challenge as students are now expected to perform at a professional level   At this level, articulate footwork and secure use of legs is crucial. Class work continues to improve the dancer’s spacial awareness and orientation of the body. Dancers continue to work on coordination of the whole body with the addition of fluidity of movement. Added steps include multiple pirouettes and beating jumps. Strengthen Pointe work.