Held at the Ballet North UK Academy of Performing Arts in the north  of UK, the Summer Dance Program (SDP) and  Winter Dance Program (WDP) offers an unparalleled experience for serious-minded ballet students. Students from around the world are drawn to SDP and WDP to immerse themselves in a professional training environment and to develop their passion for dance. The 2-week intensive also provides a broader dance experience through exposure to various choreography and contemporary movement. SDP and WDP students will develop and grow under the expertise of internationally-renowned faculty and guests.Besides the dance training, always pay a tourist vist to England from Manchester to London,Big Ben,Bradford,China Town,The British Museam....
20 students in total all of China.
10 days Balet Training + 5 days tourisim .
Western + Chinese(Breakfast & lunch is western food, dinner is chinese food, will be adjustable based on the actual conditions )
Based in Leeds, Ballet North UK Academy of Performimg Arts, The college is a secure environment with access only being gained through fingerprint recognition at the main entrance.In training our students the highly dedicated and qualified team of professionals who make up the Teaching Faculty at Theatreworks College continually strive to find each skill every student has to offer . . . and develop these skills to their fullest potential....the art to perform.

Classical ballet technique

Men’s conditioning
Performance Workshop
Choreography and Improvisation
Stretch and Strength

In addition to the multiple classes students take over the course of the week, they will also hear from lecturers on topics such as careers in dance, nutrition, physical therapy, and other relevant topics for the young professional.

At both our SDP and our WDP, in-house physical therapy is available to students. While this physical therapy is free of charge during the program, it is intended to be taken advantage of only for injuries sustained during SDP and WDP.


All students who participate in our residential program will experience personal growth while forming lasting friendships with other like-minded students aspiring to dance professionally. Through the residential program, students are given the chance to participate in programs and events at their residence hall as well as several chaperoned off-campus weekend outings.

Weekend Activities

In addition to activities at the residence halls planned by ADTEA plans optional weekend outings that are available for residential and commuter students. These trips are chaperoned by ADTEA and transportation is provided.

What is the daily schedule like at SDP and WDP?

A typical day at the studio runs from 9 am to 6 pm. Within this time frame, students will have between 4 and 6 hours of dance classes or supplemental lectures. .On the weekends, students are free to the spend the time as they please and need. While there are planned Weekend Activities that students may opt into, students are also welcome to explore the city in groups, spend the day relaxing from a busy week, do laundry, or hang out with new friends on campus.